Sagem Fast 800 E4 in Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex

Here is a quick guide for using Sagem Fast 800 E4 in Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex.Sagem Fast 800 E4 Modem

Important Notes:

*ueagle.deb software is in French Language.

* Please View The Bugs Section at the Bottom

* Using this guide makes you get connected to the net as soon as Ubuntu Linux finish booting up.

* Find your ISP Code at

and replace **** with it at step 2.


1. Download & Install ueagle.deb

2. Do the following in the terminal: sudo /usr/sbin/config-dslusb ****

3. Follow the instructions(validating choice, username & password & connecting to internet) properly.

4. Wait for modem synchronisation & connection.

5. Here you go, already connected to the internet. Enjoy !!!. Please view the bugs in Ubuntu Linux at the bottom.

Bugs for Sagem Fast 800 E4 in Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex.

Problem: Modem not connecting automatically

1. Terminal: sudo gedit /etc/rc.local

2. Add /etc/init.d/networking restart before exit 0 at the last line.

3. Save & Close

Problem: Mozilla Firefox always starts up in offline mode.

1. Type the following in Mozilla Firefox URL:  about:config

2. Choose I’ll be careful…

3. Set toolkit.networkmanager.disable to true


Mar 6, 2009 1:56 PM


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