Important add-ons for Mozilla Firefox


Add-ons are used to enchance the Mozilla Firefox Browser. There are many add-ons for Mozilla Firefox. Here are some of the most important one:

  1. DownThemAll!

    Enables Users to pause and resume downloads and accelerate download time.

  2. WebMail Notifier

    Get instant notifications of new and unread e-mails. Supports Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail and many others.

  3. Gspace

    Use Gmail as a free virtual hard disk.

  4. Video DownloadHelper

    Download Videos From Websites like Youtube, Metecafe and a lot of other sites.

  5. Weather Bug

    Get fast and easy weather notifications including temperature and forecasts.

  1. Alexa Sparky

    Get the rank of websites and monthly trends.

  1. Flagfox

    Know where the website you are visiting is found and even more details about it. Sometime useful to get faster internet access.


Dec 29, 2008 2:42 PM


One Response to “Important add-ons for Mozilla Firefox”

  1. Joshua M. Biscarra Says:

    How about Adblock Plus? Blocking insignificant advertisements would mean faster loading and lesser distress.

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